Our Mission:
To significantly increase the quality of life for people by empowering them to believe they can achieve, through careful consideration of their choices, actions and decisions.
Choice Gardening

Natural Disaster Efforts

Bush fire victims support program (The Choices Project)

Since 1997 Choice Australia Management Ltd (Choice) endorsed as a Public Benevolent Institution with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission and endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient Status by the Australian Taxation Office has been improving the lives of people suffering from disadvantage, from being disconnected,and from being impacted by natural and or economic disaster.  This has included activities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.   

We responded as the largest provider of employment for impacted persons post the 2 most powerful and destructive natural disasters in Queensland history, ex tropical cyclone Larry in 2006 and ex tropical cyclone Yasi in 2011.  We also responded to the needs of the people during the global financial crisis of 2010.     We directly and employed and mobilised over 800 impacted peoples to participate in the recovery efforts and engaged a further 150 volunteers.   Engaging impacted and disconnected people into paid employment to participate in practical and meaningful and enjoyable recovery efforts gives hope and purpose and meaning and goes a long way to preventing the onset of sustained mental health concerns and reduces significantly the costs associated with a demise of a healthy mind.   

We have been funded on no fewer than 271 separate occasions.  From learned lessons and with a focus on techology and from being mobile we can employ and mobilise large numbers of impacted peoples in the field and on the spot. In the 2016 FY we employed 80 young people (17-24 years old) daily for 9 months and engaged a further 45 volunteers daily for 12 months.  

The charity understands the emotions that consumes people impacted by the fires, this includes their frustration and anger and disappointment that comes with their feeling that (nothing is happening fast enough for them).   From experience the immediate  employment of impacted people changes their attitudes towards their own situations. 

We have been supported by Go Canvas Australia who have provided the technical support which allows us to carry out our business in the field to employ and mobilise large numbers of impacted people on the spot.    

We can. 

  • Collaborate to governments, NGO's, corporate Australians, others and you the people of Australia to finance us such we can employ and mobilise up to 700 impacted peoples.  We have structured our teams into 20 people each   
  • Reduce and prevent the onset of serious mental health concerns and the ongoing costs to the individual, their family, the community and the government
  • Support existing community groups to actively and safely participate in the recovery efforts with Choice 
  • Build capacity among stakeholders 
  • Impart learned lessons 
  • Reduce the overall cost off the recovery effort by utilising front line experiences, modern technology and learned lessons from being on the front line during and post significant natural disaster   
  • Utilise the most underutilised resource the country has, people, in its recovery effort

We invite you to partner with us and contribute financially towards the employment and mobilisation of impacted people.   

We can mobilise up to 35 teams of (20 impacted people) and support them so they can carry out meaningful, practical and relevant recovery effort tasks such as: (not limited too)

  • plan, design and build market gardens and or bush tucker gardens and or nursery’s, and or parks and gardens and or memorials
  • undertake clean-up activities and environmental care e.g. preventing ash from running into local waterways and or repair known fauna trails
  • participate in minor construction of damaged charity, not for profit and community infrastructure 
  • work with farmers and landowners to clear away fallen trees and build, repair / mend fence lines
  • provide breakfast, lunch and suppa for the displaced workers and their family’s
  • provide support to sick or injured animals, support to animal refuges and or make animal habitats  
  • achieve positive outcomes   

Mobilising and employing large numbers of displaced people is not a common skill set and is borne from experience. 

In the first instance we are campaigning to raise $361,000.00 that will meet the costs of 20 people employed for 38 hours per week for 13 weeks.  We hope you can help us employ them regardless of which fire impacted community it is.      

If you would like to donate to our recovery efforts click here.