Our Mission:
To significantly increase the quality of life for people by empowering them to believe they can achieve, through careful consideration of their choices, actions and decisions.
Choice Gardening

2019 and 2020 Bushfire Natural Disaster Recovery Effort

Bushfire victims support program (The Choices Project)

All donations go toward the direct employment of impacted and displaced peoples from fire affected communities so they can actively participate in meaningful, practical, relevant and enjoyable recovery effort activities.  This includes their own journey of recovery.

From our vast experiences post major natural and or economic disaster where people have been impacted and become displaced, the offer of paid employment to contribute towards the recovery effort is significant to the individuals and goes a long way towards the healing process. 

Working is an enjoyable part of daily life and where we can restore that enjoyment for impacted and displaced peoples we will.



If you would like to donate to our recovery efforts click here.