What we do...

Choice develops practical activities (from funded programs and projects) that enrich the lives of the people that participate on them, whilst building strength within the communities we serve.

The activities are created to primarily support the following:

1. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and who are receptive to anti-social behaviours, crime and criminal activity
2. Early school leavers and young people disengaged from mainstream education with emphasis on re-engaging in education or pursuing training and employment
3. Prime age people, parents and carers, people with physical and hidden disabilities and mature age citizens to achieve goals in education, learning, training, employment, health and wellbeing
4. Unemployed, long term unemployed and under employed people and support them to enter or re-enter the employment marketplace

The activities are designed to increase self-esteem, confidence, respect for self/others and overall life skills. Through strategies proven successful since 1997, we encourage the concept of healthy choice making, positive thinking and responsible behaviour, as such increasing the enjoyment from life for the individual.

We create user friendly, non-threatening learning environments that encourage and support individuals to step beyond their comfort zones and strive to achieve their goals and dreams. This includes positive progression in health, education, learning, training, employment, sport, recreation, adventure, travel, and relationships, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.

Our constitutional objectives are as follows:

  • Provide a range of quality services for disadvantaged people in Australia aimed at improving self-esteem, self-awareness, community integration and self- sustainability in life
  • Establish a variety of small businesses and other employment options that will enable employees and disadvantaged people to reach their maximum skill level in an open workplace environment
  • Plan, co-ordinate and execute various social justice programs targeted at disadvantaged people and their ability to assimilate and achieve healthy participation in society